Design Thinking - Accelerating, Innovation, Creativity and Value Creation

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  • Delivery MethodFace-to-face


Ensure businesses/corporation (small-large scale) survive and remain sustainable, creative and innovative thinking competencies are imperative

Who Should Attend?

Product Development/Design Teams

Product Designers, User Experience (UX) Designers, User Interface (UI) Designers, Industrial Designers, Product Managers

Marketing and Branding Teams

Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Content Creators, Marketing Analysts, Advertising Specialists

Customer Support and Success Teams

Customer Support Representatives, Customer Success Managers, User Experience Researchers, Customer Insights Analysts 

Innovation and R&D Teams

Research and Development (R&D) Engineers, Innovation Managers, Product Development Specialists, Technologists, 

Sales and Business Development Teams

Sales Representatives, Business Development Managers, Account Executives, Sales Enablement Specialists

Human Resources

HR Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Employee Experience Coordinators, Organizational Development Professionals, Leadership and Management:

CEOs and Founders

CTOs and CIOs, Directors and VPs. Business Unit Leaders. 

Finance and Operations Teams

Financial Analysts, Operations Managers, Process Improvement Specialists, Supply Chain Managers. 

Healthcare and Education

Healthcare Administrators, School Principals, Educational Program Coordinators, Healthcare Quality Improvement Specialists, 

Nonprofit and Social Impact Organizations

Program Managers, Social Impact Strategists, Grant Writers, Advocacy Specialists. 

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Founders and Co-founders, Small Business Owners ,Startup Teams. 

Engineering and Technology 

Software Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Technologists

Course Outcome

  • Converse using the DT lingo 
  • Think critically in working on, and solving real world problems –in our case this will be to DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT workable IDEAS to work towards problem solution, based on a given problem.   
  • Develop creative ideas in short time span using DT tools – translating into possible executional outcomes  
  • Foster a DT leadership culture in the organization
  • Develop DT Catalysts (Change Agents) for further dissemination of DT ideals in the organization

Course Outline

DT Process 1 - Empathy 

DT Process 2 - Define

DT Process 3 - Ideation 

DT Process 4 - Prototyping 

DT Process 5 - Testing 

Pitching Session