• Course Duration2 days 1 night
  • Start Date25 Feb 2022
  • Delivery MethodFace-to-face


How do I make better choices that lead to better outcomes?

From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we hit the sack, we are making choices. Do we read what’s on our social media accounts or do we use the time to catch up on our work? Do we have snack or do we wait it out for lunch? Do we drink one more glass of beer or do we call it a night? Do we spend more time with our family or do we meet up with our buddies for golf?


Not a moment goes by when we don’t make a choice.

The choices we make may have small consequences but sometimes the choices we make have major consequences. It can lead to consequences such as divorce, financial mismanagement, accidents, and even death.

How then do we know if we are
making the right choices in life?

This workshop is built around that question.

Who Should Attend?

The employed, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, senior management, CEOs, business owners, husbands, wives, single, anyone above 18.

Course Outcome

  • Experience the feeling of joy
  • Enjoy better mental health
  • Have a closer relationship with your family
  • Be happy at work
  • Have rewarding relationships
  • Experience a meaningful life

Course Outline

Workshop Outline

The content of this workshop is designed to help you meet the outcomes.

Module 1: Self Check

Module 2: Reflection
Saying no to others can be very difficult in some cultures. Are you one of them? Well, it can be learned. But more than learning to say 'no' to others, what about saying no to yourself?

Module 3: The Empathy Walk
During Empathy Walk, you may discover that many members of your group may have experienced similar situations and emotional experiences as you

Module 4: Ferry Rescue
Did you have an unconscious bias towards someone from a particular profession?
Did you judge anyone as you were making your selection?

Module 5: Values and Decisions
You will find out how choices influence our decisions.

Module 6: Internal Operating System
Our belief system is the foundation on which all else is built.
The external world and its fittings influence our internal world before our rational mind can figure out things for itself.
The quality of our output is determined by the quality of our input.

Module 7: The Third Side of The Coin
What have you discovered from this idea?
How can stepping out of the drama help reduce stresses in your life?
What are some areas where you can implement it now?

Module 8: Egogram

Module 9: Transactional Analysis
Transaction Analysis is a practical and widely applied model of communication. TA is a helpful and fascinating framework for analysing the behaviour of both ourselves and other people.

It offers some beneficial insights into the impact of different behavioural styles that affects relationships between people.

Module 10: Personal Boundaries
Which Personal Boundary seems to be your concern?
How has poor boundary management affected your choice making process?
How are you going to claim your Personal Boundaries?

Module 11: Emotional Purging
Purge the unwanted emotional burden that weighs upon us.

Module 12: Egostates

Module 13: Changing Egostates