Pn. Rahima Ibrahim


A visionary Chief Executive Officer at Resolute Ingress Learning Consultancy Sdn Bhd (RILC), a company committed to enhancing corporate capabilities
through professional training and consultancy services in the domains of Management, Leadership, Human Resources, and People Development. With a proven track record of success across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, RILC has been instrumental in shaping high-performing teams and fostering a culture of excellence within organization. Rahima Ibrahim is a seasoned trainer and coach with a profound specialization in emotional
intelligence, growth mindset, and peak performance. She is the driving force behind transformative programs such as Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement, High Performance Culture, Leadership with Emotional Intelligence, and programs tailored for young professionals. Rahima's philosophy underscores the value of lifelong learning and skill development as cornerstones of personal and professional success.


  • Master of Science Degree in Human Resources from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  • Certification in Emotional Intelligence (by Genos Intl.AU)
  • Certified DISC Trainer by the John Maxwell Foundation (US)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (MY)
  • Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach by the John Maxwell Team (US)
  • Certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Trainer
  • Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Coaching (NeuroLeadership Inst.SG)
  • Certified HRDF Trainer (MY)
  • Certified Coach and Facilitator for Siemens Leadership Programme (Germany)
  • Certified Professional Trainer by IPMA (UK)
  • Certified Virtual LearnCaster Virtual Skill Certificate – (MY)
  • Certification in Women Directors Program held by KPWKM (MY)
  • Certified Master Performance Coach ICF (MY)
  • Member of International Coaching Federation ICF US & ICF Malaysian Chapter
  • Life Member of Malaysian Institute of Human Resources (MIHRM)
  • Member of Lead Women Sdn. Bhd. (MY)
  • Fellow and Board Member of Malaysian Institute of Management
  • Director & Board Member of Kellington Group Bhd


  • Championing the Prime Minister Quality Award and achieving the Industry Excellent Award in 2006 from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Life at Work Award in 2014, in the category of ‘Making a Difference’
  • Excellence in Employee Engagement 2014: HR Team Award
  • Excellence in Talent Management 2014: HR Grand Award of the year
  • HR Professional Award 2014: HR Leader Award in 2015
  • Employer of Choice Award in 2015