Prathaban V


Prathab is the Principal Consultant with ESG Academy and Sustainability Sdn Bhd (ESG Academy). He (ESG Academy) is a member of GRI Community Network and obtained Professional Sustainability Certification with Global Reporting Initiative Institute (GRI Institute) and has conducted various training for ESG & Sustainability including GRI Professional Sustainability Certification.

Prathab was formerly with KPMG Malaysia’s Governance & Sustainability Department. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree and an MBA majoring in Finance. He is also a certified HRDF trainer. He has a combined 19 years of experience in the field of corporate governance, market research, subsidiary governance, corporate benchmarking studies, corporate affairs/public relations, media and consulting. Prathab began his career in academic research and moved on to media, corporate affairs, market research, training, consulting and credit bureau operations.

He was formerly the head of Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation and Leadership University and Executive Director of Anderson Market Analytics Sdn Bhd. Briefly, he was formerly an adjunct lecturer with UCSI University’s MBA programme, providing training on market research. In 2021, Prathab co-authored a guidebook on Corporate Governance,with KPMG, for MAICSA. His notable expertise and experience include the following: • Drafting Subsidiary Governance Policy for a large local healthcare company with over 80 subsidiaries. • Leading Governance audit for a large local digital technology company, leading Governance review of a large public listed financial services company, advising public listed companies on various governance requirements for the conduct of a virtual AGM. • Led KPMG’s team and to co-author a book on Corporate Governance for MAICSA • Trainer, public forum speaker and moderator of public events • Social listening columnist, expounding on various ways various methods that unstructured data can be utilised to formulate corporate direction as well as provide useful customer feedback.