Dr. Mike Kok


  • PhD in mechanical engineering, specializing in applied mechanics, and mechanical simulation using finite element analysis.
  • Mechanical engineer with 5 years of industrial experience in an MNC in electronics/telecommunication industry, and close to 15 years of working experience in academia. 
  • Motorola certified Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • Stanford d.school certified Design Thinking trainer 


  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Mechanical Engineering, August 2004

Thesis: Finite Element Simulations of Ceramic Powder Compaction and Sintering in the Making of A Micro Heat Exchanger, Michigan State University, 2004.

  • Master of Science, Engineering Mechanics of Mechanical Engineering, 2001

Thesis: An Embedded-Tow Model for Crush Simulation of Textile Composite Tube, Michigan State University, 2001.


  • Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer of Multimedia University Melaka, Malaysia 
  • Senior Staff Mechanical Engineer, Motorola Technology Sdn. Bhd. , Penang, Malaysia 
  • Silver Medal, in international event Research Innovation Commercialization & Entrepreneurship Showcase 2021 (RICES-2021)
  • Gold Award, in International Perlis Engineering Research & Learning Innovation Symposium (i-PERLIS 2021) 
  • Gold Innovation Award, in The Industry Networking & Business Pitching 2018 (EREKA) held at University Malaysia Perlis, for Sustainable Polymer Nano-composite
  • Silver Award, in Infineon Research Poster Competition by Infineon Technologies Sdn. Bhd., for Ball-grid-array Solder Failure Modeling. 


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